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"Memory Lane" 

ft. Nikki M. James and Anthony Wayne

Milla's childhood best friend Leland takes her on a walk down memory lane to try to win her heart.

"Perfected Grace"

ft. Nikki M. James & Ramona Keller

With the realization that they are more alike than not, Wilhelmina and her daughter Milla and begin to repair their relationship.

"Bad Side"

ft. Andy Karl

Wilhelmina is overjoyed to have Milla home but her joy is cut short when her street hustler boyfriend Tommy shows up to remind her of her promise to get her mother's inheritance from Milla.

"Stir the Pot"

ft. Felicia P. Fields

Louisa​, the Dejoie family maid cautions her grand-nephew and Milla's childhood best friend Leland to "remember his place - that Milla is home to bury her grandmother, not engage in dalliances".

"Going Home"

The funeral of Catherine Dejoie

"Liquid Courage"

ft. Ramona Keller

Wilhelmina is distraught from learning a shocking family secret and has lost the will to go on.